The KEA KIT GO is built to go with you on any adventure. It has been built tough and durable but some care should be taken to ensure it's longevity.

Packing your KEA KIT

The Next-Gen KEA KIT have been designed to give you the freedom to pack what you need, when you need it. This means you should be considering the trip you are going on before you pack what you need and change it up accordingly. 

  • The kit has plenty of internal organisation to make your gear easily accessible. 
  • The adjustable buckle and elastic strap will expand so you can pack as little or as much as you like
  • The Gear Packs are stocked with lots of items and will not always fit in at the same time. These packs are designed so you can choose what you take. 

KEA KIT GO Packing Tips

  • Pack larger items adjacent from each other so the case is easier to close
  • The elastic strap and adjustable buckle will allow you to expand the kit as you need
  • You can also use the elastic strap on the back of the case to store large items like the KEA AWA or Trauma Bandage. 
  • The KEA KIT GO features a Molle panel which is great for connecting to the outside of your pack.
  • If you're biking, you can use the elastic strap to wrap around the frame of your bike and tighten the adjustable buckle to hold it in place. 
Here is an example on how we like to pack our KEA KIT GO for a multi-day adventure

KEA KIT XL Packing Tips

  •  The XL offers 3 separate compartments to pack you gear Medical, Tools  & Gear. These cases are all removable so can also be used on their own.
  • The MEDICAL case is built to store all our 'Basic Medical Gear Pack'
  • The TOOL case is great to pack the 'Gear Repair' & 'Fire Starting' packs as well as any other tools you need for your vehicle, boat or campsite. 
  • The GEAR is an open case for you to pack all the other essentials you need to carry like emergency food, clothes or tech. It's also the best place to store our more bulky 'Advanced Medical Pack'

Caring for your KEA KIT

The KEA KIT is built to withstand the elements and the test of the outdoors, but some care should be taken to ensure it lasts as long as possible. 

  • The material and zippers are 'Water-Resistant' meaning the will withstand exposure to water and weather but should not be submerged or left in heavy rain. If water does get into the kit, you should take out the gear and leave the cases open until dry to prevent any degradation of the material
  • The zippers on the KEA KIT are robust and durable. But it is important to take care when zipping the cases closed when the are full. Apply pressure to the top of the case to ensure the zipper moves freely.
  • Be mindful not to over pack the KEA KIT. Excessive bulging may compromise the material & stitching.