KEA LUMEN is a powerful, ultralight and durable flashlight to light up every adventure. 

  • High-strength Mil-Spec aerospace aluminium body, hard anodized for extreme durability.
  • Coated tempered glass resists impact up to 2m drop
  • Light modes include: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS.
  • IPX-8 water resistance, 2 meter impact resistance tested. Waterproof O-ring and gasket
  • Lanyard, removable clip, spare waterproof ring and button cap
  • Reverse the clip to face backwards & attach to the visor of your cap to use as a head torch.
  • Attach the lanyard by looping the small cord through the gap near the on/off switch.


  • Battery: Insert the 1*AA as illustrated

  • On/Off: Click the button for on/off.
  • Memory function remembers previous setting
  • Mode change: When power is on, click button to cycle through High- Medium-Low-Strobe-SOS
  • In order to protect the LED chip, the flashlight will automatically switch from 'High' to 'Med' brightness after 3 minutes. To reinstate 'High' mode, turn off and on again
  • The LUMEN has low power detection mode. If battery capacity is less than 10%, it will automatically switch to 'Low' mode to prevent over discharge of battery.


  • Use high quality AA batteries
  • O-ring will require change after long-term to maintain watertight seal.
  • Lubricate seals with silicon grease to maintain durability .
  • Remove batteries if not in operation for an extended period of time.
  • Keep the product away from fire, static, steam and excess humidity.
  • Dirty/loose battery contacts may cause the light to flicker

If light does not turn on:

  • Battery need replacing (AA Only)
  • Parts not assembled correctly/fully
  • PCB, Spring or other contacts are dirty (clean the contacts In cotton swab In soaked rubbing alcohol)