We are offering you the unique opportunity to join us on the journey to build a world renown outdoors gear brand through an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.


After almost 3 years of successful trading, KEA Outdoors is raising our first growth capital and we are offering you the opportunity to invest and own a slice of this growing business.

We have a proven track record of successfully developing, launching and marketing new and compelling products in the outdoor equipment category.

With your investment, we can spread our wings further and faster. Allowing us to reach more people, develop better products and also give back to the wild places we all love.

So sign up below to be the first to learn more and hear when the campaign goes live in late April


To help the every-day adventurer get more value out of their time in the outdoors by empowering them with the gear they need to adventure with confidence.


KEA Outdoors gear is a range of outdoor accessories to help customers better prepare for all their adventures. We cover on the go activities like Hiking, Biking & Hunting all the way to Vehicle based adventures like Camping, Off-roading and Boating.


We are passionate about our namesake the 'Kea', a native New Zealand alpine parrot. Listed as an endangered species, we have partnered with Kea Conservation Trust to support their mission by providing both monetary donations and gear to be used by their field workers.


From simple beginnings, KEA Outdoors has now evolved into a thriving business with global. By investing in our success to date, we are ready to take things to the next level and reach more adventurers around the world.

Our growth plan will be focused on these 4 pillars:

1. Brand: The foundation of everything we do.

2. Product: Creating compelling products.

3. Marketing: Tell stories that resonate with our audience.

4. Distribution: Be where & when the customer needs us.

This capital raise will help us execute our growth strategy by providing us with the resources required to scale up the business.


Our success to date it a clear indication that we have identified a market opportunity in a traditionally under served category. This has allowed us to stand out from the crowd and provide customers with innovative products that speaks to their needs as modern adventurers.

What makes KEA Outdoors a good investment?

  • Innovative and thoughtful product design
  • Proven execution and growth strategy
  • Lean and scalable business model
  • Global market opportunities
  • Growing community of ‘backers’ & customers
  • Compelling offering for direct to consumer, retail & wholesale
  • Strong Gross Profit margins
  • Low overhead business without scaling limits.
  • Leveraging ‘Brand New Zealand’ on the global stage


3 years ago I set out on a mission to redefine and re energize the outdoor equipment industry, by leaning into my experience as a former adventure guide to create better gear for the everyday adventurer.

As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, I was frustrated by the state of the outdoor accessory market. I knew it was time for change and that’s when KEA Outdoors was born.

We are on a mission to build innovative, versatile and reliable outdoor gear that provides the modern adventurer with affordable gear they can trust.

But we need help. That’s why we are here to offer you the unique opportunity to invest early as we take KEA Outdoors to the world. 

So join us on the journey to build a world renowned outdoor brand from right here in little old New Zealand. 

Matt Butler / Founder & Director