kea outdoors

Wanaka, New Zealand

We Build Outdoor Gear For The Who Love To Embrace Every Adventure

born from experience

KEA Outdoors was born from experience by a outdoor adventure guide in the mountains of New Zealand.

Probably like you, we like to dabble in all kinds of activities as long as they take us outside.

But, we just didn't find the gear that suited this versatile lifestyle. It was either too technical & expensive or just cheap & nasty.

So, we set out to fix this and design gear for the ever-day adventurer.

Gear that is versatile, reliable and will be there to do it's job when you need.

From the road to the trail & beyond, we build gear KEA to help you embrace every adventure.



We build gear for the outdoor lover, not the 'Mt Everest Conqueror'. Gear that is easy to understand and doesn't make you feel like you need a degree to use it.

Telling it straight

The outdoor industry is full of confusing, technical jargon. But that's not us! We just tell it how it is, no big words or fancy names, just open & straight up.

Getting you outside

We are on an adventure to build great gear and provide knowledge that inspires you to get outdoors more often. That means we are here to help whenever you need.

giving back

The world's wild places and things are what inspire us.

So it's not surprise we adopted the name of one of the worlds most interesting and wily birds, the Kea!

The Kea is a spectacular but endangered native New Zealand Alpine Parrot that likes to explore and use tools to help it thrive in the outdoors, just like us!

We are passionate about these special birds that's why we have partnered with the 'Kea Conservation Trust' to support their mission to protect the Kea in the wild by donating a portion of our sales each year.

You can learn more and donate to them here.